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The Night Sky

Those who know me best know how much I LOVE stargazing. I'm always going out after dark to see what's going on in the sky. When my kids were small, we used to pop popcorn, lay out a blanket on the front lawn and stay out for hours watching the starts "pop out". Tonight, there was a beautiful site, the waxing Crescent Moon and Venus nearly side by side. Check out the "dark side" of the moon. You can see the features of the "Man In The Moon" illuminated by the Earth's glow. For more information on tonight's sky, click HERE .

I'm Back!

I think I'm finally tired of being sick and tired! Yes, after let's see, 10 days.... I finally feel better. Good thing too because we had our big Santa Barbara weekend this past weekend. Found out Beckie's new little one is a BOY!! Yes, we are happy and excited about that. Everything is fine, heart beating measurements where they should be for his age. Now it's just the waiting game. After the appointment, we headed downtown for some shopping at Paseo Nuevo Mall. Kristen had never been to Santa Barbara that she could remember, so we showed her all our favorite "haunts".  Next, it was down to the waterfront to look at the Sunday craft faire, Stern's Wharf and enjoy the local flavor of the town.  Scotty got to ride on a really nice Merry-Go-Round. They told us later that we couldn't take pictures.... ummm, too late! And check out this contented group AFTER going into the candy shop.... come on you guys, have a little fun!!!  He he he he. It was a marvelo

Today's Words Of Wisdom

The Way I See It  #283 The Most Important Thing In Life Is To Stop Saying "I Wish"  And Start Saying  "I Will."   Consider Nothing Impossible, Then Treat Possibilities as Probabilities . David Copperfield

I've Been Sick!!

"Be careful for what you wish for... you just might get it!" For about the last week before I caught this bug, I was telling my husband, "I'm so tired out, I'd like to just go to bed and sleep for days!" I guess I got what I wished for in a round about way. You've probably noticed that it's been a while since I've posted on most of my blogs. Well, I've been sick, REALLY sick! It's kind of funny because most of the symptoms are cold like; stuffy nose, cough, sore throat. But check out that temperature! Most of my days have been spent between taking hot baths and sleeping under loads of blankets with "the chills." I sleep and sleep and sleep some more and still don't feel like I've had enough. Knowing I will be back to work tomorrow, I started taking some Tylenol to help knock the fever down and it seems to be working. Well, working enough so I can get back to some regular blogging.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie! I remember the first one we ever celebrated 37 years ago. It was the first REAL box of candy from a sweetheart I ever received... and BIG too. You made me feel special and loved, the way I still feel today. So Happy Valentine's Day My Love. You own my Heart now and forever!

Coffee T. Rice House

Isn't this a beautiful Victorian Style home? You can't see all of it because of the shrubbery and trailer park at the base of the house. It made me curious about the history of the house so I looked it up. Here is what I found. This is the historical information I found written  HERE . Coffee T. Rice House Oceano, California History and Description: Coffee T. Rice was a wealthy financier, with enterprises throughout the State, who migrated from Ohio to San Francisco. When a railroad was surveyed through this area he envisioned an industrial center here and acquired various properties close to the right of way. He introduced celery production to the area. Rice started construction on his home in 1885 using the same craftsmen that were working on the Pitkin House. The house originally had 20 rooms and was painted yellow. Surrounded by well-kept grounds with various trees and a sundial, the house was approached by an oval driveway and a stone-pillared entryway. The grounds also in

Kids Do The Darndest Things!

Ok, Family Storytime again. My daughter-in-law's dog brought a rope in from out back yesterday and I was telling my grandson he should make it a jump rope. That's when I heard it, a sound in my head my sister Lynn and I would say when we jumped rope, chi ka ka, chi ka ka, chi ka ka. Sometimes we would jump rope without the rope and make that sound. I just had to send her off an e-mail reminding her of our childhood antics. She wrote me back with two more stories about when we were kids.  The first was about a little barn set I had. It was metal and was a barn and silo along with a bunch of farm animals, farm equipment and people. We used to put it in my mom's flower bed and create an entire afternoon of fun and imagination pretending the cows were in the field and we were plowing and bringing hay into the barn. We would turn on a hose very lightly and make a stream that flowed around the property. Man, it was so much fun! I think we played for hours in that farming land of

6 More Weeks Of Winter

Now isn't this a cute little furry animal AND a weather predictor as well! Today is February 2, Groundhog Day in the United States and Canada and Candlemas in other areas of the world. It is said that the cute, furry little groundhog emerges from his burrow today and if he fails to see his shadow because of cloudy weather, winter will be over soon. If he DOES see his shadow because it is a bright, sunshiny day, he will be frightened and run back into his hole and winter will continue for another 6 weeks, until approximately the first day of Spring.  Groundhog Day originated in Punxutawney, PA on February 2, 1887 and is derived from a little Scottish poem that goes like this:  If Candlemas Day is bright and Clear, There'll be two winters in the year. Now, what is Candlemas you might ask? Long ago, before organized Religion/Christianity, the Northern European farming cultures celebrated the seasonal Wheel Of The Year. In that calendar, today would be called Imbolc (In The Belly)