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A quick little garden update.... Our gardening year began with a harvest of sweet shelling peas, strawberries and Ollalieberries . We were getting so much berry fruit this year I finally decided I would have to freeze some along with eating it and giving a bunch away. We planted zucchini , yellow squash and pattypan squash in April and have been harvesting that for the last month and are about to pull whats left and plant a heavy crop of Roma tomatoes and basil. I'm hoping to be able to make and can spaghetti sauce for the upcoming year. And right now, we are having to pick apples daily to keep up with the fruit our little tree is giving us. So far, we are mostly drying it but I found a recipe online for apple pie filling that looks delish !! And the apples would make really good applesauce too, so I have some options. Hubby and I have already discussed moving some of our planting boxes to the yard and increasing how many we have. We have done a pretty good job supplementing what

A New Color

The finish on my " Craigslist Bed" is beautiful but kind of "cold" don't you think? It's a white finish with an almost silver blue marbling. I LOVE the "bones" of this bed frame, but I'm not entirely in love with the color. So I've been hunting for a new color to paint it and today... I think I found it! Oh yeah! This is more like it.... warm, inviting, rich... This is THE PERFECT color to paint the iron bed in my guest room! Antique Brush Gold. That warm hue on the cold iron.... DELICIOUS!

I've been a BUSY girl!

So busy in fact that I've been really, REALLY bad about posting here. Some things I've been doing... Sewing ... I've finished nearly 4 crib size quilts since January and I'm working on the 5 th now. (I'll share some pictures when I get them uploaded) Crafting with Paper ... A little (long overdue!) banner for my grand-daughter Hannah's room. Ribbon will be strung through the back, each "flag" will be joined together with a bow and it will be hung on the wall of her little nursery. Hopefully I'll be able to share a picture of that when I'm done. Baking ... Mostly experimenting with bread lately. I love the smell and aroma of fresh baked bread, don't you? Cracked Wheat Sourdough Yummy Pretzels! OK, I need to stop right her or my computer will need to be fixed from all the drooling I'm doing!! Gardening .... A full bed of zuchinni , yellow and pattypan squash and Shelling peas. We also had a bumper year of Ollallieberries , Strawberries