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Showing posts from September, 2007

My Brother-in-Law Mike turns 50!

My sister Lynn really went out of her way to make sure her husband Mike had a great 50th Birthday. She sneaked into his work after hours and did all kinds of decorating and had it ready when he came to work. Can you believe the walker, Depends and all those black balloons!!?? He must have been duly embarrassed and surprised. Happy Birthday, Mike...Happy Birthday to You!!

Weekend Campout at Lopez Lake

We went camping at Lopez Lake this past weekend. It was us with our motorhome, our daughter and her in-laws with tent trailers. We had such a good time relaxing, eating, sitting around the campfire and just doing nothing. The baby was really good and seemed to enjoy the great outdoors too. We went down to the little kids park and let him play on the slide, swing set and merry-go-round. The slideshow is Scott, his Mom, Dad and Uncle Cullen. We saw so many deer, turkeys, racoons, quail, red-headed woodpeckers and crows. Nature really can rejuvenate your spirit!

Treasure Bracelet

Treasure bracelets are a collection of glass beads, charms, buttons and baubles all put together to make one stunning statement. This treasure bracelet is adorned with buttons, lampwork beads, charms and 100's of glass beads all in shades of green, aqua and purple. To read more about this type of beadwork, please see . It was through her book, Beaded Treasures, (ISBN 978-0-9705538-6-7) that I learned how to do this fun, eclectic bracelet.