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The year has gotten off to a rather crazy start. But crazy makes the time go by faster right? My husband and I are putting the finishing touches on our little upstairs "apartment". We donated quite a few items, sold some of the larger things and threw out a lot of useless junk! Now we are debating whether to keep our ugly old TV / entertainment center or just get one of the smaller flatscreen ones that we could even hang on the wall for space purposes. I LIKE this! Looks clean and clutter free! It doesn't even NEED the candle holders or pictures on the wall. Looks like I'll need to downsize even MORE stuff! Our area of California has been unseasonably warm.... in the 70's! We took our scooters out to Lopez Lake and made some reservations to camp this upcoming weekend. Here is a map of the "Blue Jay" section.... we will be in Space 31. We are VERY excited to go on our first campout of the year and are already planning something in April as well. I've

Hello 2011!

Goodbye 2010 and HELLO 2011!! Almost 10 days into the New Year and what have I been working on? A little Digital Scrapbooking using THIS program..... Skyping with the Grandkids I don't always see daily..... This is Grandson, Anthony with his baby sister, Audrey...... Taking Ali Edwards class.... One Little Word over HERE ......... (There's still room in the class if you're interested too!) My One Little Word for the year is ROOTS. The genealogy has come out of the box and work has already started filling in the blanks. Plans to use eventually to further the research. I've taken a really messy area in my house and transformed it into a really cute little sewing area and I've been sewing again. IT'S BEEN YEARS since I sat down to make anything and it feels really, REALLY good! There's just something about the smell of fresh laundered material being ironed! I found some pink fabric, just a small amount that matched and here is what I decided to