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My little grandson slipped on his momma's shoes the other day and tried to walk around in them. Shortly after, she had to hurry to work so I let him walk around in my slippers. Yeah, I was afraid he would tumble over because they were huge on him but he did OK.  "Come on over here Scotty in those clumpity clumps," I told him. Then I sat there and thought about it a minute. Where in the world did I get THAT description for over-sized shoes? Pretty soon I realized that I had always called them that... this was my baby word for big shoes, probably because that is the sound they made as I walked along. My mom's high heels were the very best sound makers and there wasn't so much carpet back in the late 1950's. It's so much fun to get a flash of insight from my childhood. The detective work has begun! I want to know more about ME and how I got to be the person I am today. Those extra large boots on my husbands side of the closet are calling my name. I might just

Keeping It Green Tuesday

Emerson Community Garden, San Luis Obispo, CA As you might have guessed from some of the recent blog entries, I've been trying to "Think Green" more often. This isn't something new for me, just remembered. Let me explain... about 5 years ago I was regularly recycling, walking and using my bike for quick errands, trying to reuse product packaging and bags and reducing items I bought. I don't really KNOW what happened but slowly I moved away from that thinking.... until the recent gas prices made me aware again. Where do I find myself today? Well, I still have a bike, a bit more rusty than 5 years ago and boy, it's been years since I made it a point to ride it for errands. I had my husband take it out and "service" it and I think the chain is shot and possibly the gear chord is rusted through. Not good but fixable. The plastic bags from the grocery store are a thing of the past with me. I started buying shopping bags a little at a time and using some I

Windmills of my Mind

"Like a circle in a spiral Like a wheel within a wheel Never ending or beginning On an ever-spinning reel As the images unwind Like the circles that you find In the windmills of your mind" Do you ever feel like you are being blown around by the "winds" of the day? I think that was me today. The day started relatively normal; Sunday paper, cup of warm chai tea, a walk with my dog Rico. We made "light" plans because my son and his wife were visiting this weekend. One of the things I wanted to work on was getting out my Worm Factory and start using it again. Ok, I know, I know, gross right? Well, it's not so bad and you can get some really great soil for your plants while doing composting with kitchen scraps. Bonnie Hunt had the "Germinatrix" on for a segment on Friday where they made worm bins out of regular deep storage containers. Got me thinking about the 2 worm bins I have on the side of my house just sitting there doing nothing! It'

Guarding the Halloween Candy

This is my Chihuahua, Rico, guarding M&M's. He is a NUT! He loves chocolate! No I don't give him any, well, I don't give him much. I know, I know, really bad for him, but man he goes crazy when he smells chocolate. He seems to like things that start with CH like chicken, cheese, chai tea and chocolate. Do you think that has anything to do with Chihuahua staring with CH??

It's Official!!

We got the BEST news today!! I think we are beaming ear to ear! Our youngest daughter, Melody had an ultrasound today and they were able to detect the heartbeat! She started feeling pretty sick about the middle of September and suspected she might be pregnant. Her first appointment was 2 weeks ago but there wasn't a heartbeat so she had to come back today. Isn't it great to be able to peak in on a brand new life. Ummm, life is SO good! She is approximately 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant and her due date is May 23rd of next year. 

A visit to SHY - Stockton Honda Yamaha

Are you as surprised to see this as I am? We are vacationing and somehow found ourselves at the local Stockton Yamaha dealer. Now I knew my husband was "looking" at these Zuma scooters, but he has a practically new Suzuki Bergman and what he needs another scooter for, who knows. But... doesn't the smile tell it all??!! Yup, we got another scooter and Wes is in 7th Heaven. We didn't travel with a helmet so he is forced to just "look" at it right now, that is unless he finds a new one on the way home at some point, which I'm 99.9% sure he is going to. 

Oscar at Lopez Lake, Arroyo Grande, CA

Don't you LOVE camping? I do! We were able to camp out at Lopez Lake for a couple of days this past week and we found out something about our dog. Did you know that not all hound dogs like hunting? Here is our little Oscar Meyer who could care less about the deer outside the motorhome window. So you're thinking, "Weiner Dogs wouldn't go for game that large" right? Well, he wasn't interested in the wild turkeys, squirrels, woodpeckers, ducks, or anything else wild for that matter. As a matter of fact, he liked sticking it out IN the motorhome. It was like pulling teeth to get him to even take a small walk. We stayed in a really nice site,  Bluejay 31 . One of the best things about this site was the view of the sweet little valley on the left side of the site. Each day the deer showed up around 5 just to casually stroll through on their way to the lake. Next we are going to spend a couple of days visiting my son and his wife in Tracy, CA