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Playing Around With MoreLomo

This past weekend I had a chance to try out a new little App on my Iphone; MoreLomo. This is a free Iphone App that turns your everyday photos into works of art. I began taking little photos around my house just to see what the program would do. Here is an average, everyday picture of some silk flowers in my home. From mundane to stunning! Then my favorite Starbucks drink became my focus. Iced Vanilla Soy Chai never looked so good! What about the Flyer from Trader Joe's, one of our local grocery stores? Cute, huh? The App works pretty well on static things but what about people you ask? Well, here's my grandson Anthony. I've been told it makes him look like he's wearing lipstick. I don't know, I kind of like it. But then I think he's cute no matter WHAT. Just look at those dreamy eyes. Then this weekend my hubby and I went down to our beach. The weather was beautiful, in the 70's, the tide was out and the beach was littered with shells and rocks. As I squatt

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite days of the year. You should see the pile of Valentines I've collected over the years! I still have years worth from when I was in grade me. When I was little, my mom mostly bought little Valentines for us to exchange. I'd always throw a little something extra into mine, especially for those people I really loved! As I grew up, those Valentine's took on even more meaning. I met my husband when I was 15. We had only known each other a couple of months on that first Valentine's Day. He bought me a BIG heart shaped box of chocolates and a really sweet Valentine's card. I was in LOVE....big time!! Now we've been married nearly 35 years! Then, in 2001, Valentine's Day as I knew it came to a crashing halt. It became the day my beautiful sister passed away. She wasn't even 50. Her daughters, the age of mine now, were motherless. The "heart" of their family, and ours, rippe

My Grandson, Everest

Our littlest grandson is about to turn 3 months old. He's growing like a weed, already doubling his birth weight and moving up in clothes sizes. He's mostly happy, only crying when hungry or wet and is learning to spend some time OUT of his mommy's arms playing on activity mats or swings. His mommy is making cute little onesies, blankets and shoes to sell so she can stay home with him for a while. You should see how many smiles we get each day! He looks a bit like his Uncle Wes and very much a combo of his parents. This picture was taken at his Auntie Beckie's Birthday lunch....see he's all decked out from head to toe. We love you Baby E!!

Peaceful Ocean Sunset

View From Amber's Bench, Memorial Park, Shell Beach, CA im the ocean's moon i belong to the sea i dance to her tune and she sets me free in her freezing waters ive found a warm home her love encompasses me in her shelter i have grown when the sky looks down feeling empty without me i look up and smile but turn away silently the sky held me too long the ocean's call i heard the sky has lost it's light ocean's moon; nature reversed. Richa Mehta