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Oui Yogurt by Yoplait. Simply DELICIOUS!

Have you guys tried OUI yogurt yet?   OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE TO!! It is DELICIOUS! This isn't the first jar I've had. Last month we discovered this yogurt at our .99 Store in San Luis Obispo and they were selling it 2 for $1. Yes, you read that right and I'm almost scared to state that on here for fear it will cause a run on the store! I know you guys think that if it's in a .99 Store, something must be wrong with it, but that isn't so. These are in date, sealed properly and absolutely perfect. Oui yogurt, made by General Mills and Yoplait, currently comes in  comes in eight flavors:  strawberry ,  blueberry ,  black cherry ,  vanilla ,  coconut ,  lemon ,  peach , and  plain.   The yogurt is  also non-gmo, gluten free and lightly sweetened with cane sugar  in the fruited varieties.   It is made using whole milk rather than reduced or no fat, a long culturing time and two kinds of fermenting cultures; L. Bulgaricus and S. Thermophilus.  I've tried all