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An Old Chevy Truck

Wes and I went to an antique truck show today in Edna. This is one of the trucks that was there. It is a 1965 Chevrolet truck and my dad had one just like it. We lived in Winslow, AZ at the time and he went about making a camper for it in our garage. He had all kinds of power tools and this project probably took an entire Fall & Winter and by Spring, he was putting on the finishing touches. The camper slept 3 above the cab (my sisters and I) and down below, the table turned into a bed for mom and dad. We camped in Pine, Payson and Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona (before it was a spiritual vortex) and waking up to the smell of the pine trees, coffee and campfire, ummmm , what a wonderful start to a day. I had the window area up above and I can remember waking up many times to a window full of frost. I miss those simple days. Now I've lost both of my parents and only have those wonderful memories. This truck took me back and I almost wound up in tears. It was just the kind of show m

Trip to IKEA - Coming Home via Lockwood Valley

Good morning all! We made a trip over the weekend to IKEA in Burbank, CA. It was great fun! We took Hwy. 101 down along the beaches and on the way back, we came up the 5 to Mt. Pinos area and then Hwy. 33 through Lockwood Valley. We've been this way in the fall and to Mt. Pinos in the winter, but we've never been in the summer before. It was a beautiful day with great weather and the valley was just beautiful and serene. Although the grass was a little brown, mostly due to the drought California has been in for a couple of years, there were flowers and bees. We pulled over to take some pictures. Hope you enjoy.

Chilly July Day

After work, babysitting my grandson all day, Wes and I decided to take a scooter ride on his Suzuki Burgman 650. One of our favorite places to eat is Little Jocko's in Nipomo. They have the BEST Patty Melt! We took the freeway there and then rode home on Pomeroy Ave. which is a rural descent off the Mesa into the agricultural area of Arroyo Grande. This was the sight that greeted us. It was foggy all day and I don't think our temps were over 65 degrees. I KNOW, the middle of summer and we are sooo cold. I love the beauty of our area no matter if it's hot or cold outside, there is always something to do.

Finally Got My Couch!

We were finally able to pick up our new couch! Wes and I saw this couch on Wednesday evening and thought it would work GREAT in our new upstairs suite. The price was right and so was the size! The ad says "limited supplies" and was it ever limited. I called on Thursday morning to have them "save" one for me and went in that night and paid for it. When we went in, they said we were the last on the list and several people had asked to buy it right then and there. I am SO  glad Mike came and helped us pick it up today in his truck. And of course, it looks just beautiful! It's just what we needed to inspire us to finish making over the upstairs. Our bedroom just needs painting and there's a few items we need to run to the local Goodwill and then, hurray, all will be wonderful.

A Trip To San Francisco

This past weekend my daughter Becca and I made a trip to Tracy, CA to visit my son and his wife. Wes and Kristen moved to Tracy 2 weeks ago and this was going to be our first stay-over weekend with them. We got there Friday and had dinner at Chevy's followed by a Margarita party at their house. Saturday, Becca and I went to the Northern California Shoebox Swap and spent the day visiting, learning and crafting. (For more information on that, visit my other blog  Late Saturday afternoon we decided to ride the Bart into San Francisco and get off at Union Square. Now this was MY first time and you can see from the big smile, I LOVED IT!  We had dinner, went shopping all over the Square and then rode back. This is a trip I'm going to HAVE to repeat every time we visit! We came back home on Sunday, tired, fulfilled and definitely happy.