Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Left My Husband

Is this shocking news? While shopping in San Luis Obispo today with 2 of my daughters, it hit me... I need to leave my husband. Leaving him was encouraged by the store I was shopping in. Sometimes men don't like to shop as long and at as many places as women do. It can cause a real problem in some marriages but Wes usually enjoys shopping with me. Could this be the turning point in my marriage? I'll let you decide.
By the way...I did go back and pick him up.... heck, he's a CATCH!

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Anonymous said...

well i read the 100 things about me you forgot some of them 83. you are a fantastic parent .84. you are absolutly the funniest once wore a baiting suit with a hat and a running hose between your legs to make us laught and evern let us take picture you have balls love ya mommy


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