Monday, January 26, 2009

Bathroom Update

Check it out... we are finally able to start decorating the bathroom! We made a huge decision over the weekend in mirror area. There was a GFI wall outlet in a VERY wrong spot over the sink. We were going to have to either move the outlet or decrease the size of our mirror. After much discussion, we decided to do the job correctly and move the wall outlet. Everything went fine and now it is in a much better location. Found some GREAT "Beach" decorations in just the right colors at Michaels and a shower curtain, seashell shower curtain rings and toilet tissue holder at Marshalls. We still need to hang the towel bars and rings, some Beach pictures and candle wall sconces and Wes says by this weekend, the entire bathroom will be complete. The bathroom looks 100 times better, more modern and after living here for nearly 14 years, I'm no longer ashamed to have people use it!

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