Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my younger sister's Birthday. Happy Birthday Lynn! No, I won't give away your age. Have I told you lately how much I love you? Well I do! Lots!

I found this picture on the internet today and it reminded me so much of the things we got into as kids; dragging home jars and jars of pollywogs from the local "swamp", hiding in the bathroom at night with walkie-talkie's to neighborhood boys pretending to me "Moon Maidens" from the moon, making tents under the kitchen table and playing dolls for hours, telling you to "suck it in" and watching as you turned from little sister to little skeleton. Man you were skinny!! Then when I got older (not you of course though, he he he) I could hardly wait to call home to find out what funny situation you had gotten yourself into this time. I SWEAR, is it possible to have THAT much happen to one person??!! Ummm, those yummy S'more ice cream cones from 31 Flavors and to-go boxes filled with the BEST Oak smoked Tri-Tip meat I've ever had. Oh, wait.... the turtle hanging out the window on one of your trips to Phoenix, taking a potty break at oh, 65, 70 MPH on the freeway, paddling all the way. I love you girl so much and I'm so LUCKY to have you for my sister. Let's get together really soon, OK?
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