Thursday, August 6, 2009

Life's A Beach

As Summer days turn into Summer nights, there is that special time at the beach...sunset. The sky turns all kinds of beautiful colors, birds make their last flight of the day and 100's of people turn out to see what kind of sunset today will bring. We were a part of those 100's a couple of days ago and were treated to one of the most beautiful and colorful sunsets this summer!

Life’s a Beach

At the beach, life’s different.
Time doesn’t move,
Waves crash the ocean front,
Kissing my feet.
Sea glass glistens in the sun,
The warm air dances around me
Giving a new start to the world.
The sand tingles under my feet
Like being tickled by love.
Laying on the beach shore,
Tanning the day away.
The tans may fade,
But memories
Never do.

Life's A Beach

© patricia polka

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