Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wes & Kristen Marry.........Again

Catchy title huh? Their first wedding, in the local courthouse, was May 8, 2008. They were getting ready to move to Tracy, CA where my son had just taken a new job. Even though it was "just a courthouse", it was really a nice ceremony. My husband was missing from this ceremony. He was visiting with his Mom in Arkansas, a trip we had planned for many months for this date. We walked down to the San Luis Obispo Mission and took some pictures to memorialize the day.

Weston & Kristen - May 8, 2008

Tim & Nancy Martin, Kristen & Wes Weems and Me

They were thrown a lovely surprise Bridal Shower Luncheon by Kristen's co-workers.

Even provided a crown and veil to commemorate the day.

And a WONDERFUL cake that was "to die" for.

When they moved back to our area in January of 2009, they chose a date and began planning for another wedding. After months of planning, buying, and coordinating the BIG day finally arrived. It was truly a beautiful wedding! Because they were legally married, they had one of Wes' good friends, Rich Padgett, "marry" them.

Hi Rich! Isn't he cute? He created the most beautiful ceremony, did a fabulous job of speaking and organizing and helping the day run smoothly. Thanks Rich!!

Next, we have the Best Man, Sean Hall. Sean has been a co-worker and good friend of Wes' for several years. Sean is on the right in the picture below.

These pictures were from the rehearsal so no big dress up yet. Sean stood up for Wes, executed the transferring of The Ring and gave a really special toast at the dinner. He and his wife, Michelle are such a sweet couple with 3 ADORABLE children. Good mentors for Kristen & Wes.

See? Aren't they SO cute together? Thank you Sean & Michelle for being a part of the wedding!

The Best men were family members.

Matt McKenzie, Wes' Brother-In-Law.....pictured with wife, Rebecca.

Chris Koehler, also Wes' Brother-In-Law.... pictured with wife, Tiffany.

And Michael Velazquez, Brother-In-Law.... pictured with wife, Melody and Little Anthony.

It's getting more and more exciting isn't it???

Ok, Bride's side...... Without further ado, we have the Maid of Honor, Kristen's sister, Dana.

I know, BEAUTIFUL.... and sorry guys, TAKEN.

This is Bridesmaid, Allison. She is one of Kristens' really good friends.

Single (for now...), and I KNOW, beautiful. Now you KNOW why the wedding was so beautiful! Lots and LOTS of beautiful people!

And here is Bridesmaid, Kim. Kim is Kristens' cousin (On the left...see?? I'm telling you....BEAUTIFUL, and Single) I LOVE Kristens' family. They are so nice.

And there is a family trait....really! Let's see if you can guess what....

Kristens' Grandma, Charlotte. (Sorry I only got the back of your head, Charlotte.)

Kristens' Aunt April....

Aunt Betty....hmmm, are you guessing what the family trait is yet?

Kristens' Mom, Nancy. Hello Nancy! Have I told you just how pretty I thought you looked at the wedding? You DID!!

Kristen with a "practice" updo. Surely by now you have guessed it!! It's that LOVELY red hair. I am SO hoping I have little red haired grandbabies!!! I know, I've gotten off the subject just a bit and they WERE just married.....

What you say? Married and I haven't even shown any pictures of the Happy Couple? You're right! I was saving the best for last. So without further ado, here is the.....


GOTCHA! I know, you were expecting the Bride. Not quite yet....

And the....

Grooms parents. Hey! We clean up pretty good don't we? Now you know where Wes got all his good looks!

Wow! Check out the CAKE!!! Beautiful and it really tasted good!

Ok, I think I've tortured you enough. I HAVE saved the best for last. Kristen, you were a beautiful Bride! I am so happy and lucky to have you in my family. Ok, she's not beautiful.........SHE'S GORGEOUS!!!

Aren't these good of Kristen and her Dad, Tim?

Look at that look of adoration, happy, sad, proud....this is his oldest daughter marrying. Tears at my heart with the beauty.

And just a quick little snap I took while the "real" photographer was organizing himself. I can't wait to see HIS pictures!

Which reminds me... Nancy & Tim, we should go out one of these days and do some family pictures. Your family, you guys alone. It would be fun!

There you have it. SOME, and I stress some of the wedding pictures. It was a beautiful day. The DJ played the BEST music and had everyone dancing by the end of the evening. The caterer made delicious appetizers and dinner. If I ate like that everyday, I would be fatter than I am!! Everything ran so smoothly thanks to the wedding coordinator, Beverly.

Kristen & Wes... we wish you many, MANY years of happiness!!

(Oh, and by the way....do you think you could work on getting me some red haired grandchildren???)

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh Karen, that was so sweet and a great re-cap of the big day! I am sure everyone will really enjoy reading it! I know I did!


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