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Patriotic Book Bag

My daughters and I love a challenge. So, back in late May we decided to take each other on in a $5 Dollar Store Challenge. We found inspiration over at Lindsay's Blog, Living With Lindsay. This is how this challenge goes. You shop your local Dollar Store spending no more than $5 on supplies. Then you put your purchases together, in a different way and make something brand new. You CAN use SOME supplies that you have on hand at your house already to complete it. For our challenge, we decided to put in that it would have to be something patriotic, red, white and blue, or something using 4th of July type supplies, knowing that the completion date would be right around the first of July.

I walked in the door of the store about a month ago and found some really nice, thick placemats like these. The ones I picked up were red and white stripes with a blue star pattern. I was already thinking a purse of some kind so I knew I would need about 3; one for each side and one to cut up for the bottom and sides.

Now my eyes were beginning to see everything red, white and blue and as I passed the pet aisle, yes the pet aisle (!!!) I saw this.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Handles for my bag. Hey there is a bunch of rope in these things and the one I actually found was a round ball made up of twisted rope with a long rope to pull it with the dogs. (I went back to the Dollar Store to take pictures when I was all done and most of the items I chose were GONE)

So, purse it was going to be! Down another aisle I went knowing I had just $1 left to spend. This was my 5th and final choice.

It was a good thing I picked something like this because after cutting up the placemat, some of the edges were fraying pretty bad. Now I had my supplies, how was I going to put it all together?

In come inspiration from another Blog I frequent, The Crafting Chicks, for THIS cute little project. My grandson would LOVE getting something like this from his Gramma!! The front and back of the bag was made with 2 placemats. Then the third placemat was used for the sides and bottom as predicted. Satin ribbon was stitched on all around the top of the bag. I had some large purse grommets for the rope to go through. Wow! Had ALOT of trouble setting those. It was my first time and maybe I was doing something wrong. But look! They finally were set properly!

The dog rope was put through the grommet, tied in a half knot and frayed out to be fluffy.

Once the bag was together, It was time to decorate. Being a cardmaker, I had red star paper and blue and white cardstock. I cut them to fit into one of the clear vinyl badge holder I already had in my stash. Then I put Scott's name on it with some patriotic alphabet stickers I've had for a LONG time. A little glitter and glue finished off the tag. Then I stamped some alphabet stars from a retired Stampin' Up set, punched them out with a star punch and ran them through my Xyron laminator. Some red and blue fluffy fibers through an eyelet is then tied into my satin ribbon that is tied around a handle. HERE IT IS!!!



And what kind of Gramma would I be if I didn't fill it with some fun things for Scott and his brother.... Dollar Store finds of course!

This was one FUN project!! Go to your Dollar Store one of these days and try it for yourself. If you go to the Living with Lindsay blog above and see how others took the challenge back in March and what they came up with.

My competition you ask? Well, my oldest daughter, Becca, bought 2 pillow cases; one a denim color blue and the other a small red and white stripe, a small elastic headband. She used her own thread, scrap red, white and blue material and a button cover for the headband. And check out this cute.......

SUNDRESS and headband for her little niece due in November! This project is not quite completed yet. She wants to put some Star applique's across the front and add a little diaper cover/ panty for under it. I can't tell you how SOFT and sweet this little outfit is. So watch out baby boys July 4th 2011!! Melody's baby is going to WOW you with this adorable dress!

Close-Up of Headband

Our Model, Everest. Yes, he's a boy and his Daddy is going to KILL us!! But cute, huh?

Tiffany is still working on hers. It involves napkins and a wreath form..... It's going to be SO cute!! I will feature it on here when she is done. Her little son, Everest, is keeping her pretty busy these days and she has been getting ready for a move so it has taken her a bit longer.

What are you going to make today??


Two adorable projects!!! Y'all did great! I love them both. :D
Great ideas! What a nice job...
I am soo not crafty, I envy you!

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