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Summer 2010

Happy Summer 2010!

Summer here at the Beach is beginning to wind down. The stores are featuring all things "Back To School" and weekend visitors to the area will soon be cut in half. (we hope, we hope.....) I hope you have been having some fun and relaxing times this summer... we have. So sit back and I'll tell you a few things we have been up to.

Antiquing.... we were putting some finishing touches on our second guest room and HAD to shop for some authentic antique plates for the walls. The first thing we did was to add a little chandelier to the dressing room / closet. It's the perfect size for the space and is SO sweet!

Then my daughter sent me a photo and link to an ad on Craigslist for this cute little hand painted hall table. So economical and it is the perfect addition to the space right outside the bedroom door. The vases on the floor will be lamps for the first seaside guest room. They are white ceramic with images of shells in gold detail.

We redid this bedroom with lots of things we already had like the plate holder below. Only when we went to redo it, we only had one little plate. So it was off to the English Rose Antique store in Atascadero to find the sweet little rose plates. She has an excellent supply of these little dishes and the colors were perfect in the room!

Her shop is the cutest little place! Its located at 6450 El Camino Real in Atascadero. Oh my gosh, just check out her cute little garden out front...

On the day we visited there were little butterflies and bees flying all around the sweet smells. It had roses, lavender, sage, rosemary, mint, hollyhocks and many other varieties of old fashioned gardens. Then tucked in here and there were plates and pots. Such a nice little place to visit.

We've also been hanging out with the grandkids. Here is Scotty. He will be 4 in September! I know he is getting so big. He love playing with all the new babies, well, pretty new! Most of them are nearly at their first Birthday's now!

Here is Scott's little brother, Danny, who just had his 1st Birthday on the 7th of August... in the hospital. I KNOW!! His mommy and daddy had planned a really big "Cowboy" themed party for the day that was featuring a BBQ and pony rides and it was all cancelled. Thankful he is on the mend though and it wasn't anything too serious! What a little cutie!!

We've taken MANY trips down to the beach for this guy and his "brother from another mother." They have been doing this for YEARS and really look forward to the almost daily trips from ramp to ramp. The words on the mirror are so appropriate..."Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" This little "object" is definitely close to me... so close we refer to him as my second husband.

The day after the 4th of July, hubby and I made a little trip to Montana de Oro to walk the beach and enjoy the sun. On the way back we drove through Morro Bay too. This is a photo, one of many in our collection of beautiful Morro Rock in the fog.

We were seeking peace that day and I spent some time at the beach making little stacks of stones. I think they are called Zen rock piles. VERY RELAXING and tranquil with the sound of the breaking waves in the distance.

Then there's this little guy... Everest... Little E to us. He's come to stay at our house with his mom and dad for a while. His parents were displaced when their landlord let the house foreclose without telling them it was happening. They had to be out in 30 days and housing that was large enough and that would accept pets was expensive. So they are getting some money saved up and some bills paid off and then they will be in a better place to find something.

We also made it up to our local Fair in Paso Robles. My son lives between here and Paso so we stopped in for lunch and took a drive over to their little local lake. This is the Pavilion on the Lake. The reflections were beautiful!

The fair was pretty good. We go nearly every year to look at the photography, home arts items and yes, even the livestock. We walked down Fair Food Alley where you could buy tacos, Thai food, corn on the cob, ice cream, BBQ and lots more. But this is what caught my eye...

Can you believe that? Chocolate covered Bacon!! We are always teasing my husband that all he eats is ham, bacon and things that aren't good for him. Do you think I could get him to go for this? NO!! And I really wanted to try it too. But it was $5 a slice... kinda expensive. You know what else I heard they had but didn't see..... fried butter!! OMG that sounds really disgusting although someone I talked to said it tasted like doughnuts!

Then we went to a Tractor show held in Santa Margarita. It was big and hot and so much to see. This is what I was interested in... good old fashioned horse power. Never got to see these two work, but I bet it was awesome!

Oh, Hello, two more of my 4 legged friends!

We also got to make a trip to the drive-in movie. Yes, we are one of the lucky areas that still have a drive in movie. We went to see Toy Story 3 with the kiddies. Beckie and Everest hanging out in the back of her car. Beckie brought all kinds of snacks and they pulled in backwards and opened up the back of her car.

With SUV's, we had to park WAY in the back, but that's ok... or at least it WAS ok until a group of college students pulled in front of us and put a couch in the back of the truck so they were totally in the way. When they pulled in we said, "Hey, there are little kids back here and they are never going to be able to see above you" (and basically, we were here first!). "Oh, here, we'll move...." and they pulled a little off to one side so now 2 of our cars couldn't see AND it was too late to try and find another spot so we just made it work. Not really a fun experience....

Here's daughter Tiffany out front enjoying a day of... well fog. We live where the average temperature is about 65. I SWEAR! In the summer we have loads of fog and dress in jackets and long sleeve shirts.

He is such a little cutie and will be having his 1st Birthday in November. Right now he is working on his upper set of front teeth and eating, lots of eating! He's also beginning to crawl around army style and pull up on things. Tiffany just got him a walker yesterday and he can make it go backwards!

And here is my 2nd Grandson, Anthony. He turned one in May. Not only can he walk but he RUNS!! I've babysat for him a few times since his mom is expecting and has OB appts. twice a week now. Little sister will be coming in early November. We can't get over all the sticky up hair our grandsons have. It's like they all have the same little cowlick and the hair just will not lay down. I have pictures of all 4 of them with this same kind of wild hair!

"Hey gramma, can I please have that camera, cell phone and any controls for the TV you might have in your purse....." Sure thing Anthony.... anything you want!

My summer has been full and happy and full of many new experiences. We will be doing more vacation in September once all the little kids go back to school and the campgrounds empty out. Hope your summer has been exciting and fun!


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