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Sourdough Bread

A few of you have been asking about the recipe for Sourdough Bread that I use and I figured this would be the easiest way to give it out. This recipe makes 2 loaves.

260 g. of actively fed sourdough starter (about 1 cup)
460 g. water (about 2 cups)
90   g. Canned milk or milk that has been scalded and cooled. Can use water or plant milk instead (About 6 Tbsp)

20 g. Kosher Salt (1/8 cup)
900 g. flour (all purpose or white bread flour, don't use whole grain, to heavy to rise well) 7 1/2 Cups

Mix the starter, water, milk (or the substitute) together thoroughly. Then add in the salt and flour.
Put the dough in a covered container and let it ferment at room temperature.
After 2 hours fold the dough. How To Fold The Dough
After an additional 2 hours, fold the dough again.
When the dough is is finished fermenting (after a total of 5-6 hours - when dough is bubbly, soft and will pull a windowpane) divide dough into two pieces around 855 g. each.
Do a first shaping of the dough and let rest 20 minutes. How to Shape Sourdough Bread (This is called the Bench Rest)
Do a final shaping after the rest and place the dough into lined or floured baskets or bannetons. Cover with a plastic bag and refrigerate overnight 
Next morning take out first loaf, remove plastic bag and place it somewhere war around 80 degrees F
After 20 min take out your second loaf and proof in a warm place
keep an eye on the loaves, they will take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to proof (average around 2 hours)
When your dough looks half proofed or after about an hour, preheat your oven to 500 degrees F / 260 C with baking stone placed on middle rack in oven (you might have to adjust the rack for your oven).
When the dough is about ready to bake, place the roasting pan lid in oven to heat for about 5 minutes or if using a dutch oven or cast iron pan, place it in the oven for about 20 min and let it get nice and hot. This is the cast iron pan I use
Turn out the first loaf onto a floured peel or into pan. Slash loaf with a lame or a very sharp knife. I like to make 1 to 2 slashes in mine. You can find all kinds of ways on youtube to slash your loaves.
This is one great way to do it
If adding a glaze, add it now (recipe will follow) I use a silicone basting brush to lightly and evenly coat the entire top surface of the bread
Take our hot pan, place bread dough into the pan, spray lightly with water, cover with lid, close the oven and turn the oven down to 450 degrees / 232 celsius for the bake. 
Set your timer for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, take off the lid, be careful the steam can be very hot. Turn loaf pan around in the oven for even heating.
Bake for another 15 - 20 minutes or until nice dark color, hollow sounding when you knock it on the bottom or it measures at least 200 degrees on your instant read thermometer
Remove bread from pan using mitts, a heavy duty spatula or a pizza peel and place it on a cooling rack. 
Place your pans lid back on, put it back in the oven and preheat again to 500 degrees for your 2nd loaf. Let that heat up for about 5 to 10 minutes and bake your next loaf.

1/2 cup cold water 
Mix in 3/4 tsp of cornstarch and bring to a simmer in a saucepan then cool. Use the mixture for glazing your bread crust before baking

Hope this helps everyone. I look forward to seeing the breads you have made and also, I'm looking into using a printable recipe card here so you may be able to print it out soon. 





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