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Week 4: A Simple Apple Pie

This week really got away from me! I did make a pie but I haven't had time to write the blog.

For this week's pie, I decided to try a different crust. Making a good crust is the biggest problem for me when it comes to piemaking.  I can't seem to get it to the perfect wetness/ dryness and have it roll out nice. The crust for this week comes from the King Arthur website for a two-crust pie. It made two crusts and I used the food processor to make it up. I like that it was mostly butter but had just a bit of vegetable shortening and I think that helped it have that perfect moistness. Once I rolled it out I used a stainless steel ring to cut the size I needed. You can find these pie cutting rings HERE. And for my pie dish, I used a little pie dish I found at Aldi's last Fall. I only picked up two but wished I had gotten more like 4 or 6. How fun to have a party and have individual pie for each guest! I hope they bring them back sometime this year!

I wasn't going to prebake the pie today so I sprayed these little dishes with a non-stick spray and once the piecrust was formed, it was put in the freezer to firm up.

Yes, that's my secret ingredient this week. Hey, it's ok to buy your pie filling. This was also from Aldi and was very well flavored, had a good quantity of apples and one can filled my two little baby pies. The filling costs right around $1.75 so the price was right!

Here are the little pies filled to the brim with the pie filling. 

It was at this point I put them in the freezer while I worked on the latice top. I wanted the pie dough to stay really cold until I could get it topped and put into the oven.

Its a little messy but it worked. My husband wanted a full top but here wasn't enough dough left to do that and I wanted to use up the scraps. The lattice top was brushed with an egg wash and sprinkled with some sprinkling sugar, a larger grain sugar usually found in the cookie decorating area of the store.

Yum, YUM!! It baked for half an hour and then we took them out and let them cool just a bit before having it with a bit of vanilla bean ice cream. You guys... so good!!!

I took some shortcuts this week, it's true, but another week of yummy pie that I would call a success. To eat these, we divided it into quarters so out of 2 pies, we actually got 8 small slices of pie. And because I made a double crust pie crust, I have the crust already made up for next week's pie.

We are getting close to all the President's birthdays in February and of course, the famous story of George Washington and the cherry tree. You KNOW that cherry pie will be featured at some point.

I hope you return to follow my successes and failures. I'm feeling very optimistic about where this year of pie is going!


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